Daily Forecast based upon the Akara Numrology by Sat Kirtan for September 30th 2023

Daily Forecast based upon the Akara Numrology by Sat Kirtan for September 30th 2023


Embrace the Positive Mind and Self-Care

On September 30th, the energy resonates with the number 3, symbolizing the positive mind and self-expression. It's a day to treat yourself kindly, focus on self-care, and take charge of your inner CEO

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Self-Care and Sweetness:

The 3 as the relation with ourselves invites us to be sweet and spoil ourselves a bit. Treat yourself to a delicious lunch or indulge in a small luxury that brings you joy. Self-care is essential today, so take some time to pamper yourself.

Strengthen Your Core:

Afterward, consider engaging in exercises that strengthen your core, particularly your navel area. Core exercises like stretches or yoga poses can help you feel grounded and centered.

Navel Strengthening Exercise:

Try the "Breath of Fire" Kundalini Yoga exercise to strengthen your navel. Sit in a comfortable position, keeping your spine straight. Take a deep breath and exhale forcefully through your nose, allowing your diaphragm to pump rhythmically. Continue this rapid and rhythmic breath for 1-3 minutes. This exercise not only strengthens your navel but also energizes your entire being.

See the Light and Count Blessings:

Embrace the positive aspects of life and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Count your blessings and focus on the things that make you feel fortunate. A positive mindset can lead to positive outcomes.

Lead Yourself as CEO:

Take the role of the CEO of your life today. Make decisions with confidence and lead yourself towards your own destination. Trust your abilities and take charge of your personal and professional journey.

Reflection Question:

How can I practice self-care, nurture my positive mindset, and incorporate the navel-strengthening exercise into my day today? What steps can I take to lead myself confidently towards my goals?

In summary, September 30th encourages self-care, positivity, and embracing the role of your inner CEO. Treat yourself kindly, strengthen your core with the navel exercise, and lead yourself with confidence on your life's journey.


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