July 10th 2024: a day to take wise bold decisions

July 10th 2024: a day to take wise bold decisions

Sat Nam,

Welcome to today’s energetic weather report through the lens of Akara Numerology. Just like checking the weather forecast to prepare for the day, understanding the energies of today can help you navigate with more consciousness and ease. This awareness is the first step towards greater happiness and fulfillment. Let's look at today.

Listen to Sat Kirtan's video message for today

Our numbers for today: Soul 10, Mastery 7, Gift 6, Knowledge 8, Path 7.

What can we expect looking at these 5 basic numbers in combination with each other. As that's what we do in the Akara Numerology, connecting the dots at to find meaning and guidance.

Today’s numbers guide us towards bold decisions and inner clarity. The number ten in combination with the 2 sevens invites us to communicate with ourselves honestly and take bold decisions. It brings the courage to choose new destinations and pathways, driven by a deep inner knowing. As you navigate today, trust the guidance of your soul and take the time to understand what you truly need.

The number seven, present in both our mastery and path positions, emphasises the importance of reflection and cleansing. It’s a day to clear your aura of past imprints, releasing old thoughts and interactions. Engage in a cleansing meditation, such as the water scoop and chant "Wahe guru," to let go of the past and create space for new beginnings. You can download the instruction video for the meditation. 

The number six, our gift number, and the number eight, our knowledge position, provide additional energy and wisdom. They support you in following your happiness and embracing each step with courage and insight. This helps you to take decisions: if you feel a go from the inside, if thinking about it brings you energy, then it’s a yes. And only then. 

Tips to Navigate the Day

  1. Embrace Bold Decision-Making:

    • Tip: Start your day by setting clear intentions and making bold decisions that align with your deepest desires. The energy of the number ten empowers you to communicate confidently with yourself and others, enabling you to take decisive action.
    • How: Take a few moments in the morning to meditate or journal about your goals. Affirm your intentions with statements like, "Today, I make decisions that align with my highest good."
  2. Cleanse and Renew Your Aura:

    • Tip: Midday is the perfect time to cleanse your aura and release past burdens. The presence of the number seven in both the Mastery and Path positions suggests a transformative day where shedding old imprints can open new pathways.
    • How: Practice the water scooping meditation described in the video. Visualize scooping water and releasing it behind you while chanting softly. This helps clear your karmas and create space for new opportunities. Download the instruction video here
  3. Follow Your Inner Wisdom:

    • Tip: Throughout the day, trust your inner wisdom and intuition. The combination of numbers encourages introspection and following what truly makes you happy.
    • How: Whenever faced with a decision, take a moment to pause and listen to your inner voice. Ask yourself, "Does this bring me joy and fulfillment?" Follow the guidance that comes from within, even if it requires stepping out of your comfort zone.

By incorporating these tips into your day, you can navigate the energies with confidence and clarity, making the most of the transformative potential of July 10th.

Affirmation for today: "Today, I embrace courage and wisdom, making decisions that align with my soul's path."

Mantra for today: Wahe Guru Wahe Jio Mantra

The mantra "Wahe Guru Wahe Jio" is a powerful and uplifting Sikh mantra often used in Kundalini Yoga and meditation practices. Here's a brief overview and meaning of the mantra:

  • Meaning:

    • "Wahe Guru" translates to "Wahe: Wow, extacy, Guru: that what takes you from darkness to light "
    • "Wahe Jio" can be interpreted as "Wow! Great Soul" or "Wow! Divine Being."
  • Purpose:

    • This mantra is used to elevate the spirit and evoke a sense of wonder and gratitude for the divine wisdom and soul connection. It helps to expand consciousness and connect with the higher self.
  • Usage:

    • Chanting "Wahe Guru Wahe Jio" helps to clear the mind, elevate mood, and bring a sense of peace and connection. It is often used to enhance meditation practices and to invoke a state of blissful awareness. It’s used in the meditation to clear karma. Get the instruction video

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