July 1st 2024, may this be a day of clarity and courage

July 1st 2024, may this be a day of clarity and courage

Our 5 basic numbers for today: Soul 1, Mastery 7, Gift 6, Knowledge 8, Path 7.

Today is all about those lightbulb moments. You've been thinking things through, and now it all makes sense. You finally get it, and you're ready to make decisions that could change your life.

Trust yourself and your gut feelings. Today is a good day to do things your way. You’ve done your homework, now have the courage to follow your own path. Whether others join you or not, what matters is that you stay true to yourself.

If your mind feels too busy, get outside and connect with nature. Feel the ground under your feet and let your emotions flow. This will help you get out of your head and into your body.

This all might give you the feeling of being at a crossroads today, facing new opportunities. Here’s a tip: go to an actual crossroads and walk in different directions. Pay attention to how each direction makes you feel. This helps you make decisions with both your head and your heart.

Three Tips to Navigate the Day:

  1. Trust Your Inner Wisdom: Follow your gut and do things your way. You've done the research, now it's time to trust yourself.

  2. Ground Your Energy: If you feel overwhelmed, step outside, walk barefoot, and connect with nature to find balance.

  3. Embodied Decision-Making: When faced with a decision, walk in different directions at a crossroads and feel the energy of each path. Check in with your body by pumping your navel three times every 30 minutes to stay connected.

Affirmation for today:

"I trust my path and follow my heart, knowing I am guided by my inner wisdom."

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One-Minute Breath Practice:

Like yesterday, I'm sharing this practice again, as it's such a powerful breathing technique and it will help you to go through the changes. Practicing and mastering the one-minute breath will help you to calm down anxiety, worry, and help you drop fears while developing your intuition. For guided practice, you can watch the one-minute breath instruction video. Follow this link, fill in the form, and you'll receive the video link in your inbox.

Mantra of the day: Mulmantra, Ek Ong Kar

This mantra sets the foundation for your spiritual journey, aligning you with the essence of truth and the divine. Chant the Mul Mantra to ground yourself in your true identity and invite clarity, strength, and blessings into your life.

Continue Your Journey:

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Upcoming workshops & trainings:

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Thank you for joining us in exploring the transformative path of Akara Numerology.

Warm regards,
Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

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