June 17th 2024: Recognise how lucky you are

June 17th 2024: Recognise how lucky you are

Today’s energy, with the numbers 8, 6, and 4, encourages us to embrace our rhythm, follow our heart, and heal past wounds.

3 Tips to Go Through the Day:

- Embrace Lucky Vibes: Feel the luck of this day and see every challenge as a lesson, bringing joy and ease to your journey. Do that what brings you positive energy, make sure to work out your body, to sweat as that will be a great way to let the energy flow within you and around you.

- Healing from the Past: Focus on healing, love, and peace. Reflect on past experiences and choose to heal, letting go of old patterns. Look at things from a neutral perspective and that will bring more love and peace into your life.

- Foundation and Stability: The path number 4 emphasizes stability and building a solid foundation. Ground yourself in your truth and focus on creating a strong, stable base. Connect with your roots and align with your true path.

Mantra for the Day:
"Gobinde Mukande" – This mantra helps to clear obstacles and bring about healing and transformation.

"Today, I embrace my rhythm and heal from the past. I follow my heart and step into more love and peace."

Next step:
Take a moment to reflect on your past experiences. Use the mantra "Gobinde Mukande" to ground yourself and set intentions for healing and growth. If you're at a crossroads, consider to book a call with Sat Kirtan to look at how your numbers can guide you towards clarity and confidence.

Sat Nam.

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

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