June 18th 2024: Trust your gut and communicate genuinely to navigate smoothly through changes.

June 18th 2024: Trust your gut and communicate genuinely to navigate smoothly through changes.

Today’s energy encourages us to embrace sensitivity and communicate authentically. The numbers influencing the day are 9 (Soul), 6 (Mastery and Gift), 8 (Knowledge), and 5 (Path).

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Key Energies:

Heightened Sensitivity: The number 9, derived from 18 (1 + 8), is our Soul number and represents the most sensitive energy. Today, you'll feel more attuned to the subtleties around you. Like having ten antennas, you'll gather information beyond what is spoken, understanding the deeper emotions and non-verbal cues.

Inner Truth and Alignment: This heightened sensitivity helps you align with your inner truth. Listen to your true self, or "Sat," and let this guide your actions and decisions. Stay true to your identity and use this clarity to navigate the day.

Authentic Communication and Transformation: The path number 5 emphasizes communication, change, transformation, and freedom. Feel free to speak from your heart, guided by love and your inner wisdom. Expressing your authentic self will lead to meaningful connections and transformations.

Practical Guidance & To Do:

1) Tune into Your Sensitivity: Embrace your heightened sensitivity and use it to understand the unspoken feelings and needs of those around you.

2) Align with Your Truth: Spend time in self-reflection to ensure your actions and decisions align with your true self. Practice listening to your inner voice.

3) Communicate Authentically: Speak from the heart with honesty and integrity. Let your communication be guided by love and your sense of justice.

Mantra for the Day:

"Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prassad" – This mantra helps to connect with the divine and align with truth.


"Today, I embrace my sensitivity and communicate authentically. I stay true to myself and transform through love and truth."

Sat Nam.

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa


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