June 20th 2024, Don't try to fit in, you fit perfectly in you.

June 20th 2024, Don't try to fit in, you fit perfectly in you.

Sat Nam,

Today's energy is influenced by a number 2 emphasizing the importance of setting healthy boundaries. This powerful 2, derived from the 20th, represents our negative mind, acting as a red light to protect us. This month our mastery and gift numbers are 6, and the knowledge number is 8. The 7 is our path number today. So you'll feel challenged between a deep longing to belong and the fear of missing out and the inner call to be on your own.

3 Tips to Navigate the Day:

  1. Set Healthy Boundaries: The number 2 guides us to recognize our limits and protect our energy. Be mindful of what gives you energy and what drains it. Prioritize activities and relationships that uplift you and bring joy. And remember, you don't need to try to fit in, you fit perfectly in you.

  2. Balance Your Energy: The 7, as our path number, signifies the need to clear your aura regularly. Like a sponge, it absorbs everything around you. Take time to clear out what doesn't serve you, keeping only what nourishes your spirit.

  3. Listen to Your Heart and Mind: Make conscious decisions by balancing your heart's desires with your mind's wisdom. Choose actions and words that elevate you and those around you.

Mantra for the Day: "Ang Sang Wahe Guru": This mantra connects you with the divine, affirming that the Infinite is working through every limb and every cell of your being. It brings a sense of divine presence and guidance in every action.

Affirmation: "Today, I honor my boundaries and choose joy. I am balanced and uplifted in every moment."

Next Step: Take a moment to reflect on these insights and strive for balance in your day. For personalized guidance, consider ordering a Personal Year Plan to align your path with clarity and confidence. I'd be happy to serve you. Order Your Personal Year Plan

Sat Nam.

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

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