May 27th 2024 appreciate the work you’ve done to get where you are now

May 27th 2024 appreciate the work you’ve done to get where you are now

Today, May 27th 2024 you’re invited to appreciate all the steps and the hard work you’ve done to be at the place where you are right now.

Reflect and realise that all of them where necessary to bring you here.

Be like the yogi, try not to judge, just appreciate your current state and from there you can make plans towards your next destination.

Ask yourself, what gives me energy, what feeds me and what takes my energy, what drains me.

Know that you have the choice to let go of the things that drain you or bring change to it.

This month is a great month to change habits, and today is a great day to make new commitments on your journey towards a healthier, happier you.

If you have not meditated yet, make time for it.

Just one minute of long deep breathing, or of practicing the one-minute breath, can already have a positive effect on you.

Last tip, today you can feel extra sensitive, realise that others also might feel it, so be gentle with each other and don’t take it personal. Breathe through all challenges.

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Have a blessed day

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