What will Jan 1st 2024 bring us according to the Akara numerology?

What will Jan 1st 2024 bring us according to the Akara numerology?

A new year, a new design 🙂

Hope you like it and feel the call to share it.

So what can we expect today? 
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On this first day of 2024, we have 2 times the number 1, and a 10, so it’s a day ‘to do it my way’, and to listen to your intuition (the 6 from the gift number) and to do that what brings you energy (from the number 😎.

If you have the courage (path 10) to follow that and be the pioneer (nr 1), will be successful and you can heal yourself and your family.

And remember to breath through the challenges you face, or even better, to breath deeply and to smile and to make them disappear 🙂

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