June 2024 by Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa

There is a quickening in the air, and a desire to rush forth in the hopes of experiencing that which has previously been denied or withheld this year. We want to hurry up and get to the good stuff, as the number 6 of June represents the themes of love, home, and beauty. New romance, beautifying the home, and connecting with community are all keynote themes now.

Jumping to the Heart number for June (Heart is month of 6 + Gift of 6 = 12) we have the standout number 12, a special number in the science of Numerology. Twelve is the number of community and tribes, and represents the gathering of kindred spirits. Now is the time to get your event-seeking game on, so you can communicate and connect with others.

The Heart number of 12 also reduces down to a 3, so we have extra information to include here.

Number 3 in the positive polarity is playful, creative, social, and has a “can-do” attitude. It also includes the realm of food, and how we choose to nurture and support ourselves. This is a good month to make a few shifts in your diet, and include cooling foods like cucumbers, watermelon, lettuce, and lemonade. Avocados are also good to eat now, as they have a high natural oil content and are very soothing to the system.

The need for cooling, soothing foods is in part from the presence of the double 6’s in June. Number 6 is the Fire Element, and yes, things will be heating up on every level. When the Fire Element within ourselves is balanced we are less vulnerable to getting triggered by people or current events. A lot will be unfolding on a global level, and since number 6 represents the power of prayer, your cooling projective psyche can be the tipping point toward a better outcome.

Within your own personal life, you may experience a “rattling of sabers” with someone, and I have a technique to suggest. Call in the “Pray then Say” method. This simply means that if you anticipate an aggressive encounter with someone, give yourself a personal time-out before engaging. Create a white light space surrounding the dialogue by mentally beaming the energy beforehand. Number 6 is the 6th chakra and projective psyche, and it’s the real deal.

Another keynote theme of 6 is justice and fair play. Looking around the world we can see many situations of injustice, with each side relentlessly feeling they are right. During this month there is a chance for a breakthrough in some parts of the world and a worsening in others. There are too many variables to exactly predict where, when, and how; however, hopefully, people will be able to learn from those who have a more diplomatic approach.

This month is a dichotomy, an extreme example of the best and worst of human behavior. Let’s focus on the sunny side of the street, as this is where our collective and personal power can shift the flow. It all starts within ourselves, and if we have a hot-headed attitude then everything around us gets singed. One of the most powerful techniques in Kundalini yoga is Sitalee Pranayama. In 3 to 5 minutes you will experience a cooling of your mental energy, and it can save you from flying off the handle and making an impulsive decision.

There is a push for change this month, and that’s because of the double 5’s in the sublayers of June. We have a 5 by way of 14 in the Base calculation, as well as the Asset calculation. (Base is month of 6 + year of 8 = 14= 5. Asset is Gift of 6 + year of 8 = 14 = 5). Number 14 has a restless and reactive quality to it and is prone to taking shortcuts. Number 5 likes to feel free and uninhibited while answering to no one. So, you can see where there is potential for conflict and upheaval.

In a nutshell: get the extra insurance policy on the rental car, keep the life jackets on the kids, and steer clear of exotic food or beverages that you are unfamiliar with. Play it safe.

In the positive polarity, these 5’s can work for us in a bold and dramatic way. Five is the physical body and has to do with transformation, health, and healing. With a qualified leader, this is a good month to experience a Native American sweat lodge. It is a cleansing and purifying ceremony that is not for the faint of heart (literally). River rafting with a qualified guide is another good June activity. Or, any type of Outward Bound program that is reasonably within your physical wear-with-all. Number 5 likes to challenge itself and push the limits, and there are healthy and safe ways to do this.

There are also unsafe ways, and at the expense of my own ego, I’ll share one with you. By the way, this fits right in with the themes of food, fire, and cleansing. A long time ago I was interested in cleansing impurities and harmful bacteria from my system, and I read that cayenne capsules could help with this. I started out taking two cayenne capsules with my morning tea, and it seemed to sit well with me. A few days later I had the idea, “Hmm, if two cayenne capsules with tea are good, maybe 5 would be even better!” Let me tell you something friends, never, never, never take 5 Cayenne capsules with just fluids. I ended up doubled over on the floor for a good hour or so, and slowly worked my way back to functioning that day. Too much fire is not a good thing.

There is something that we all would like to release or cleanse from this month. Creating a ritual with fire is one way to help facilitate this. There is a New Moon on June 6th, and this is a very powerful numerical date as well. On this date there is an extra influx of energy towards releasing negative patterns of codependence, particularly those that are rooted in a low self-esteem script.

You can write down on a piece of paper your negative thoughts or emotions, and then create a ceremony where you burn these pieces of paper while chanting a mantra, or even singing a song.

If I were going to sing a song, I’d sing “Never Gonna Get It” by En Vogue. That’s right, burn it right down.

Anyway, the world is a’changing, and we need to keep ourselves in good company and high spirits. If you are kicking your heels and wondering where to go or what to do, consider the Summer Solstice celebration taking place in the Jemez mountains of New Mexico. It’s a high-flying experience of yoga, meditation, dance, music, nature, and community. I’ll be there.

May the protective shield of God’s grace and governance extend to the path before you, and may you be raised up in an invincible spirit that brings a smile and solace to all.

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