Monthly forecast for May 2024 by Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa

The month of May generates within us a new enthusiasm to move forward in a direct and decisive way. Number 5 is adventurous, experiential, curious, and most of all wants change! There is a frisky and free-rolling energy at play now, and we can use this new frequency to our best advantage as long as we keep the risk/reward ratio in balance.

Number 5 represents the themes of travel, communication, the physical body, commerce, and a kind of restlessness that needs to break free from the monotony of routine. Planning a dedicated time-out from your usual responsibilities is essential to keeping the balance this month. It can be a “safety release valve,” in the sense that you have a planned escape from the pressures of your life. Internally, it could go something like this, “I’m having a tough time right now, but I know I’m getting out of town on Friday and heading to the mountains!”

Number 5 is the Earth Element, so getting out into nature or a backyard garden are good ways to ground yourself. Also, building something with wood can be very therapeutic. This can be as simple as ordering online a “Build your own Birdhouse” kit. Number 5 represents the hands, as well as the five senses. Five likes to touch, feel, smell, see, and experience the variety of life.

In the positive polarity, number 5 seeks out new answers as well as new ways of doing things. Five is the ‘think outside the box” number. It is willing to experiment and explore in order to find the next level and higher ground. Every adventurer has a well placed 5 somewhere in their chart!

As you are exploring new territory and making decisions along the way, keep in mind what is called the risk/reward ratio. Let’s create a dramatic example for this.

You are hiking through a forest, and you come upon a gorge that has a river running through it. There is a rickety wood bridge crossing one side of the gorge to the other; there is rope wrapped round a tree that has just enough length to it that with a running start you could swing across to the other side; and lastly there is a footpath that takes you to the bottom of the gorge and then up the other side. As you are weighing out your three options, you just don’t have a good feeling about the rickety swaying bridge, and you can sense that if you don’t get the timing just right with the swinging rope option you will be left hanging in oblivion. P.S., there’s no 911 in oblivion. The footpath will take you longer, but it is the secure and grounded choice.

If you can remember this analogy you will save yourself from a ton of trouble in May, because when 5 goes negative it is impulsive, daring, and cavalier. As much as I like the movies, Indiana Jones is not going to come storming in to save you. You’re going to save you.

This is an important footnote to the times we are in, as many people are feeling overwhelmed and don’t always have the spare energy to help out.

Hmm, spare energy. Here’s another example that can be adapted to whatever your circumstances are. I recently had to put new tires on my car, and at the service station the mechanic said he could switch out one of the better tires to the trunk so there could be a full-sized spare tire as a backup. As soon as he said “full-sized spare” I knew that was the right choice. I live out in the country, with sometimes vast distances between destinations, and you don’t want to be hobbling along on a less-than tire if something goes wrong.

Five is resilient, resourceful, adaptable, and has a “bounce back” positive attitude. Many athletes have well placed 5’s in their numbers, as 5 represents the physical body and endurance. It is important to note that there are many kinds of endurance, not just physical. There is emotional, mental, and even spiritual endurance. We are in times where we need to develop within ourselves the mental and spiritual endurance with which to traverse the times.

Endurance can be developed through a practice or discipline, thereby engraining in your cellular memory a strength and resiliency. Whether through exercise, meditation and chanting, or positive affirmations, you are weaving into the fiber of your being a reserve strength to withstand the ups and downs of life. The “Caliber of Life Meditation to Totally Recharge You” is a step in the right direction to building your nervous system and eliminating depression and anxiety. This is one of the most powerful techniques, so follow the instructions carefully and build yourself up slowly.  Link:

I am a great fan of documentaries, because you can learn so much from other people’s lives. Not too long ago I watched a documentary on Sharon Osbourne, yes, the wife of Mr. Metal Ozzy Osbourne. She spoke about a particularly rough time in his early career where he was a spiraling- out-of-control alcoholic. One day when he was on a drinking binge, and Sharon was hiding away in the living room, Ozzy walked in and said in an eerily possessed tone of voice, “We’ve decided to get rid of you.” Instinctively she grabbed the car keys and bolted for the door. Later she called in her support team, had him thrown out, had all the locks changed in the house, and served the ultimatum, “It’s rehab or we’re done.”

He did go into rehab and cleaned up his act. Through transforming his life he was then able to reclaim his creativity, and went on to win the 2023 Grammy for Rock Album of the Year. The album was aptly named, “Patient Number 9.” Personally, I am way more team James Taylor, however, bringing it all back to the numbers we can thank Sharon’s positive use of the number 5 for his resurrection. She had the endurance, tenacity, communication clarity, and the ability to make a decisive change at a strategic moment.

Decisive change is on the menu for May, and it will especially be affecting us in the area of our relationships. There will be at least one person in your life that you will need to either make an upgrade with, or leave behind. If a mutual upgrade is possible, great. If not, you will no longer be able to carry the dead weight of someone else’s dysfunction for the duration of this year. Yes, it’s get real time.

A few years ago I was in Los Angeles, casually walking down Beverly Drive on a sunny day. Suddenly there was a gush of young people running to a T-Mobile store with their cell phones poised for picture taking. I asked one young lady, “Who’s inside?” to which she replied, “Ozzy Osbourne!” Mildly curious, I leaned against the storefront window to see Sharon and Ozzy right in front of me, gazing at the array of Smartphones. Their energy was contained, united, and he was basically following her around like a little puppy dog. Some people can pull a miracle out of a hat, and it was a very happy moment to witness.

May the forces of the mightiest Angelic presence take up your hand to guide you, while bringing you the blessing of divine alignment with your fellow travelers on the path. Peace to all, Light to all, Love to all.


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