Numerology for September 2023: Mastery Over Mystery by Nam Hari

Numerology for September 2023: Mastery Over Mystery by Nam Hari

The month of September brings a time of clarity and focus to our lives, along with the hidden gift of transformation. This gift is available to us, only if we are able to see past the veil of mystery—into the mastery of number 9 in the positive polarity. “Mastery over Mystery” is 9‘s invitation to experiencing a new you, and with the right key you will be able to open a doorway of self-awareness that will bring good fortune and newfound luck and joy.

The number 9 represents the themes of precision, subtlety, psychic ability, power of suggestion, and a smoothness of presence that has a charm all its own. In the positive polarity, number 9 speaks without words, similar to a Zen Master who can simply gaze at a student and convey the message.

Number 9 is the Subtle Body in the yogic teachings, and it has the power to sense things in the environment and surrounding space. We all have a Subtle Body, and some of us are more dialed into this energy than others. Developing a conscious relationship to your own Subtle Body is one of the best ways you can create a more effortless flow of life for yourself. Then you will feel that you are not so much fighting the tide as you are going with the current.

There are many energetic shifts happening on the planet right now, and you can’t get all the information through the weather report. One way to stay connected to your higher self is by simply sitting down, closing your eyes, and beginning long deep breathing through the nose. After a few minutes, ask yourself the question, “What does my Subtle Body have to say about this?”

As you develop this relationship to your own subtlety, the answers will more easily flow to your conscious mind. Like a good neighbor, your Subtle Body is there.

We have a few lucky days this month, and they are the 1st, 3rd, 10th, 12th, 19th, 21st, and 30th. These days hold an extra spark of connectivity for new ideas and projects. Sneak Preview: The month of October is when these ideas can really manifest, so don’t be in a hurry to grow your orchard. Number 9 represents patience and perseverance, and that which is worth building needs to have a strong foundation. A foundation that is well set can withstand the heavy winds of change, and an unhurried intuitive mind can make the necessary shifts—even as things are in motion. Run your own race, and manifest with grace.

The number 9 is the most intense number, and as we have explored the positive polarity, we must also give a nod to the negative side of the equation. Information is power, and with the right intel, you can navigate the waters most successfully.

Nine in the negative polarity can be ruthless in its modus operandi, having no sensitivity to others’ needs or choices. It can also be extremely jealous, so be careful of the information you share with others. You don’t want your field of dreams to turn into a “Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors” storyline.

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Number 9 is the Fire Element, with a cross-over to the Ether Element, as it is the Subtle Body. There will be a lot of emotional reactivity this month, with the effect of some people literally looking for a fight. As much as we already have seen the extreme polarization of people, it will now intensify at times. The 5th, 9th, 14th, and 23rd are days to avoid the demonstration march, order in Thai food, and dial-up Netflix. Our good friends the Tibetans have a saying, “The best armor, is to stay out of range.”

Now that we know not to share our better-veiled secrets with others, and when to stay home and watch the flowers grow, let’s take a look at how to really put a shine on our Subtle Body energy. You can’t go wrong with the Adi Shakti mantra, and by chanting it you are clarifying and healing your own Subtle Body. This “charging up” of your higher powers will lend a magic and fluidity to your movement through the world. You’ll be catching all the green lights, and avoiding the darkness that is looking for a fight. By the way, this can be internal as well as external.

Number 9 has a precision to it, and in the positive polarity, it wants to clear the field of excess and debris. This month is an excellent time to do an Autumn cleanse, clearing physically as well as emotionally. There are many types of cleanses out there, and with a little online research you will find the one that’s just right for you. And remember, “Just enough is good enough.” You don’t need to choose something harsh or fanatical. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Go for the long game of, “I heal myself through kind and loving choices.” Yes, that’s the way!

Patience with ourselves, and others, is the way to successfully transit this month. It can be so easy these days to blow a fuse and lash out at someone, but what will be the amount of clean-up work you’ll have to do to put it all back together again? Tell yourself, “Okay, I’m really ticked off about this, but I’m going to reel it in for now. I’ll wait till I’m in my power, centered and balanced, before I take action.”

Looking further into personal healing, the Bach Flower essence of Willow will help you to “forgive and forget,” while releasing the injustices of the past. The essence of Rock Rose is said to give courage, and release the feelings of anguish and having a limit of endurance. These essences work on a subtle energetic level and can help to make a shift in your life. I always feel that we should use all the good stuff available to us on planet Earth.

What forecast is complete without a movie recommendation, and this month’s joyous choice is the 1991 film “The Commitments.” A lively and engaging story of a group of rag-tag misfits who run into Jimmy, a visionary young man who wants to start a Soul-Motown-style music group in Dublin, Ireland, Yeah, right! Well, order in your pizza and turn off your cell phone, because you won’t be able to turn your head away once this movie starts rolling. It is one of my all-time favorites, and that’s saying a lot.

Life has its dramas, highs and lows, successes and failures. The key is, what did you learn from it? Self-mastery is the domain of the number 9, and this is achieved over time and through life experience. Now is the time to let go of the past, forgive yourself and others, and gain a newfound freedom in your life.

Learn from your own life and the example of others. That is the gift of film, books, the History Channel, and Lifetime documentaries; you get to see where others got it wrong or right and make the adjustment in your own life.

May you be granted the gentle guidance of your own subtle awareness, and may you walk the protected path that leads you to your heart’s fulfillment. We have passed the test, and are given our rest, feeling loved and blessed.

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