Roadmap to Becoming a Kundalini Numerology Consultant:

Stage 1: Foundation and Core Concepts

Class 1: Introduction of the Course
    • Introduction to the Akara Numerology formula & the concept of the 10 bodies
    • Setting up the date of birth in the basic formula
    • Learning objectives
    • Course structure and expectations
    Class 2: The Soul and Mastery Number
      • Understanding the soul calculation and exploring soul numbers 1-11
      • Exploring the Mastery Number and its significance in relationships
      • Understanding ourselves through the Mastery 1-11
      • Evolving into the spiritual dimension of the Mastery Number
      Class 3: The Gift, Knowledge, and Path Number
        • Understanding the Gift, Knowledge, and Path Numbers
        • Utilising the gift number effectively
        • Acknowledging the knowledge number
        • Calculating and understanding the path number and life's journey

        Stage 2: Advanced Numerological Analysis  

        Class 4: The Challenge Calculation and Significant Numbers

        • Understanding ongoing learning challenges in life
        • Calculating and understanding transformer numbers
        • Exploring the significance of the transformer numbers
        • Understanding the role of zero as a transformer number
        Class 5: The Asset and Heart Calculation
          • Understanding the asset calculation
          • Unders tanding the heart calculation
          Class 6: Healing through the Numbers
            • Yogic lifestyle suggestions
            • Balancing the numbers
            • Recommended kriyas and meditations
            • Food and lifestyle suggestions for healing

            Stage 3: Application and Consultation Skills 

            Class 7: Communication through the Numbers

            • Effective communication through soul, mastery, and challenge numbers
            • Recognizing the best communication style through a numerology chart
            • Do's and don'ts for specific calculations to enhance communication
            Class 8: Dealing with Difficult Charts and Clients
              • Working with clients with extreme challenges in their charts
              • Best practices for dealing with difficult people
              • Setting personal boundaries and maintaining professionalism
              • Building a positive reputation as a professional numerologist
              Class 9: Interactive Calling: You Figure Out the Date of Birth
                • Live interactive discussion with the teacher, analysing a given birth date
                Class 10: Tips and Techniques During Your Consultation
                  • Practical tips for consultations
                  • Tuning into the person and communicating from the soul number
                  • Explaining the mastery number in relation to others
                  • Exploring the gift number, knowledge number, and addressing personal challenges
                  • Providing insights into the soul, path, and projection numbers
                  • Personal excellence and counselling in the Aquarian Age
                  • Applying numerology to one's own life
                  Class 11: Final Exam Preparation
                    • Approaching the final exam
                    • Question and answer session
                    • Summary of the course
                    • Feedback and further studies recommendations

                    By following this roadmap and completing the 11 classes, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Kundalini Numerology and develop the skills necessary to become a proficient consultant in this transformative field.