Daily forecast based upon the Akara Numer

Daily forecast based upon the Akara Numer

🌟 Dec 12, 2023: Nurturing Joy and Structure in Challenging Times

On December 12th, 2023, we face a challenging alignment with a 3 on the soul and mastery positions, 5 as our Gift, 7 in Knowledge, and 4 on the Path.

Watch the video message by Sat Kirtan:


With dual 3s, connected to the positive mind, challenges may lead to insecurity. Shift your thoughts towards joy and appreciation to illuminate your path.

Soul number 3 encourages joy in actions and interactions, while the 5 Gift urges care for your body and Mother Earth. The 7 in Knowledge prompts intelligent contemplation, balanced with rejuvenation.

Path number 4, linked to the heart, seeks structure and order. Embrace hard work and selflessness with a plan, resonating well with the 4's nature.


1. Sat Kriya for 3 mins followed by 6 mins relaxation to strengthen willpower.
2. Mantra: "Ardas Bhaee" to make your prayers come alive.
3. Celebrate yourself—fill your cup to radiate love and light.


🔍 Reflection Question:

"How can I find joy and maintain structure in today's challenges?"


🔗 Call to Action:

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May your day be filled with transformative energy, conscious breath, and the radiant light of inspiration.

Sat Nam.

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