Daily forecast based upon the akara numerology by Sat Kirtan for

Daily forecast based upon the akara numerology by Sat Kirtan for

🌟 Daily Forecast - December 7th, 2023: Flowing Inspiration and Breath of Ease 🌟

On December 7th, 2023, the numeric alignment unfolds with a 7 on the Soul, 3 on Mastery, 5 as our Gift, 7 in Knowledge, and an 8 on the Path. The 7, connected to the aura, encourages intelligent reflection but may lead to overthinking. When feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or in need of inspiration, take a walk, leave matters to rest, and allow the flow of insights to reawaken.

The double 7's could draw you into your head, prompting over-analysis. Counteract this by moving your body, going for a walk, or taking a refreshing shower. Create a new, supportive narrative that uplifts you.

Our path number, the powerful 8, is linked to the pranic body and breath. Breathe through challenges, knowing that tomorrow is a new day. "Don't worry, be happy" serves as a fitting mantra. Leverage the strength of the 8 to manage and manifest your desires, enjoying the journey.

Tips for a Harmonious Day:

  1. Breath, Long and Deep: Cultivate a sense of ease through long, deep breaths, connecting with the calming rhythm of your breath.
  2. Mantra for Today - "Don't Worry, Be Happy": Embrace the lightness of being with this uplifting mantra, releasing worries and inviting joy.
  3. Be Aware of Your Fears and Do It Anyway: Confront fears with courage, recognising that growth often resides just beyond the edges of comfort.

Reflection Question:

"How can I release the need for overthinking and embrace the flow of inspiration today?"

May your day on December 7th be filled with ease, inspiration, and the transformative power of breath.

Sat Nam.

For personalized readings and transformative insights, connect with Sat Kirtan at (+31) 644558981 or visit www.akaranumerology.com

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