Daily forecast based upon the Akara Numerology by Sat Kirtan  for December 3rd 2023

Daily forecast based upon the Akara Numerology by Sat Kirtan for December 3rd 2023

🌟 Daily Forecast - December 3rd, 2023: Navigate Creativity and Self-Care 🌟

On December 3rd, 2023, the numeric alignment unfolds with a 3 on the Soul, a 3 on the Mastery, a 5 as our Gift, a 7 on the Knowledge position, and a 4 as our Pathnumber, originating from the significant 13. Lot's of numbers, let's decipher the insights each number imparts so we can move smoothly through the day.

🌟 Soul (3): Creative Illumination

Embrace the creative illumination of 3 in the Soul position. Find light at the end of challenges through inventive solutions. Cultivate positivity and avoid succumbing to anger.

🌟 Mastery (3): Solutions through Creativity

Another presence of 3 in the Mastery position emphasizes for creative problem-solving today. Be a beacon of support, utilizing creativity to overcome obstacles and bring light to others and look for joy in all situations.

🌟 Gift (5): Invigorate Your Body

Endowed with the Gift of 5, focus on invigorating your body. Make it sweat and stretch, as it won't do that by itself. Embrace physical activity to keep your energy flowing and maintain vitality.

🌟 Knowledge (7): Inner Wisdom Resonance

The wisdom of 7 prompts introspection and me-time. Connect with your inner knowing, allowing intelligence to guide decisions. Elevate yourself through moments of solitude.

🌟 Path (4): Structured Resilience

Derived from the 13, the Path of 4 signifies the ultimate challenge and blessing. Approach challenges with a structured mindset, being resilient and methodical. Recognise growth potential in overcoming obstacles.

Suggested Yogic Exercise:

Sat Kriya Rejuvenate your energy with Sat Kriya, focusing on the navel point for transformative effects. Just 3 minutes can bring a profound shift. Sat Nam. Click here for the full instruction: https://www.3ho.org/meditation/sat-kriya/

Reflection Question:

"How can I infuse creativity into overcoming challenges and prioritize self-care, particularly through invigorating physical activity, today?"

Affirmation for the Liver by Louisa Hay:

"Love and peace and joy are what I know."

Mantra to listen to today:

Har Haray Hari to remember there is a way through every block. Embrace the energies of creativity, physical vitality, and structured resilience on this transformative day.

Sat Nam.

Wish you a blessed day,

Sat Kirtan

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