June 2024 Akara Numerology Forecast: Create Safe Spaces and Embrace Transformative Change

June 2024 Akara Numerology Forecast: Create Safe Spaces and Embrace Transformative Change

June 2024 Akara Numerology Forecast: Create Safe Spaces and Embrace Transformative Change

Sat Nam, dear readers,

As we step into June, let's explore the energies this month brings according to Akara Numerology. June is a powerful month with the Mastery number of 6. This number brings themes of protection, justice, and honesty. It encourages us to create safe and sacred spaces where we can connect with our true selves and each other.

Click here to watch Sat Kirtan's video on her forecast for the month of June.

The Energy of the Number 6

The number 6 stands for the arc line, symbolizing protection and feeling safe. A beautiful practice for this month is to chant the Adi Mantra: "Aad Gureh Nameh, Jugaad Gureh Nameh, Sat Gureh Nameh, Siri Gureh Dev Nameh." Visualize light surrounding you as you chant, creating a protective barrier. This practice will help you find lightness within and connect deeply with your inner voice. Longer and deeper meditations are particularly beneficial this month as they can open your third eye, the gateway to your soul.

Honesty and justice are also key themes this month. Be truthful with yourself and others. Create an environment where people feel safe to express their truths without fear of judgment or punishment. This honesty will foster healing and deeper connections.

The Influence of the Number 8

The number 8 brings the energy of healing, business, and prosperity. Healing and prosperity go hand in hand; the healthier you feel, the more positive energy you attract. This is a good month to focus on self-care and nurturing your physical well-being.

With the combination of 6 and 8, there's an emphasis on healing through justice and fair play. This duality can manifest in your personal and professional relationships. Expect some challenges, but remember that every interaction is an opportunity for growth and understanding.

The Heart Number and Positive Mind

The Heart number for June is 12, which reduces to 3, representing the positive mind. This number encourages playfulness, creativity, and social interactions. Engage in activities that bring you joy and connect you with others. This is a good time to make dietary changes, focusing on cooling, soothing foods like cucumbers, watermelon, and avocados.

The double 6s this month emphasize the Fire Element, indicating that things will heat up. Balance this energy with calming practices like Sitalee Pranayama, which cools the mental energy and prevents impulsive decisions.

Embracing Change and Transformation

June also brings the influence of the number 5 through the Base and Asset calculations (6 + 8 = 14, reducing to 5). The number 5 is about transformation, health, and pushing limits. It's a time for adventure and trying new things, but be cautious and avoid risky behaviors.

As Nam Hari mentions in her forecast, this month we may feel a quickening in the air, a desire to rush forward and experience what has been withheld. Themes of love, home, and beauty are prominent. Engage in activities that beautify your environment and strengthen community connections.


June 2024 is a month of deep transformation and healing. Create safe spaces for honesty and connection, balance the intense energy with soothing practices, and embrace the opportunities for growth and change. Remember to stay grounded and centered, listening to your inner voice and trusting your intuition.

Let me know how this resonates with you, and if you have any questions or would like a personal reading, feel free to reach out. I'm here to support you on your journey.

Have a beautiful and blessed month.

Sat Nam.

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