Monthly Forecast by Nsm Hari for October 2023

Monthly Forecast by Nsm Hari for October 2023


The month of October brings an array of new possibilities, along with a fertile time of innovation and an electrical kind of connectivity. The right people are in the mix for you this month, and as always, keep your wits about you in separating the wheat from the chaff. There will be the tendency to want to accelerate the process of birthing the new brilliance; however, skipping steps
will only create a “redo” effect later in the month. Pace yourself amidst the excitement, and you’ll have a winning, polished product by Halloween!

The number 10 of October represents the themes of excellence, radiance, authority, and courage. On a physiological level, 10 is the nervous system, skeletal structure, and our hair. Number 10 invites us to stand up tall and maintain a presence and posture in the world. Just by being aware of o ur posture, and breathing deeply, we emit a frequency of confidence and ease. This stance alone can be enough to ward off unwanted conflict or aggression.
Looking to the world of nature for extra insight, the wolf in the thicket always waits for the weaker or more vulnerable deer straggling at the end of the pack, as they are considered the “easy prey.” Tapping into your Radiant Body, the 10th of the 10 Light Bodies, will help you to ward off other people’s negative projections. Hold within yourself the affirmation, “My Radiant Body guides and protects me; I am secure within my space.” Projecting this from the 6th chakra,
with a smile on your face, is a winning strategy!

Let’s look to the world of health and nutrition to strengthen the number 10 within ourselves. The calcium-magnesium balance in our body is essential to having the nutrients necessary for a strong nervous system. Whether through foods like yogurt, kefir, and whey powder, or a high quality mineral supplement, make sure you are getting enough calcium in your diet. Otherwise there can be the tendency to lean into caffeine to push or accelerate the nervous system.

We are Americans, and I would never deny anyone their one good strong cup of organic Sumatra coffee in the morning. Having said that, I would also not encourage a third “Macchiato Ninja Supreme Latte” mid-afternoon. This will create a brittleness in the nervous system and lead towards emotional reactivity.

When number 10 goes into the negative polarity, it can be aggressive and domineering, lashing out in its desire to “win” at any expense. There will be a lot of political grandstanding in the news stream, and the world of politics overall will have a new face by the end of the year. Let’s pray for the equilibrium of humanity, as this can be the tipping point for a better outcome.

Steering back to the theme of, “Me, Myself and I; how can I keep it together?” let’s dig into some more tools and strategies. The number 10 likes to feel proud of itself, and by setting a few short-term goals that are within your reach to attain, you will earn a gold star of achievement.

Something as simple as saying, “Okay, I’m going to make a super-nutrition blender drink for the next 40 days!” can add a skip to your step. Or, taking a cold shower every morning for 3 minutes to strengthen the nervous system.

Since number 10 is also the hair, why not get some almond oil and massage it into your scalp at night? It is sooo relaxing! Adding in a few drops of the essential oil Lavender is said to help you sleep better.

We need to have an elevated skill set with which to traverse these times, otherwise it can feel like “Two steps forward, one step back,” not a fun way to live. Part of this skill set needs to be a tool that creates a feeling of personal excellence, a kind of excellence that is not determined by the fluctuations of time and circumstance. You can’t go wrong when you practice the “Balancin  the Nervous Energies” meditation. It is a remarkably simple yet powerful 5 minute meditation to help calm and balance yourself.

If you choose to practice this every day till the end of the year, you will have the very best start to 2024! Link:

Looking further into the theme of courage, we will roll back the time machine to 1979. There stands the Academy Award winning film “Norma Rae,” starring Sally Fields. Based on a true story, this film takes you back to the 1970’s and the plight of factory workers inside a textile mill. Low pay and poor working conditions lead to an epic rage-against-the-machine moment that is the high point of the film. Well worth watching, and safe for the kids as well. Our health and well-being are our greatest assets, as they are what will give us the endurance to weather the times. Ginger tea, celery juice, and a magnesium booster like “Calm” are all said to benefit the nervous system.

Creating a foundation of health for yourself over the next 3 months is the best New Year’s present you could ever have.

Sneak Preview: 2024 has many positive opportunities in it, good news! It also has moments of intense acceleration, where things will be speeding up at a dizzying pace. The strength of your nervous system will be the determining factor of whether you are able to rise higher, or crash and burn.

Hey, somebody told you now, so take the small measured steps necessary to insure your health and happiness.

Number 10 can be confrontational when it goes negative, so stay alert to anyone who is carrying a gunslinger type of attitude. This can translate into a Wild West dueling scenario of, “I’ll be outside at high noon, be there with your pistol or you’re a chicken-sh*t!” No, you’re not chicken, you are actually remarkably smart to not fall for someone else’s bullying tactics. Preserve yourself, and live your own life by your own rules. A great way for anyone to work out their competitive and aggressive energies is through sports.

These days afford so many kinds of athletic avenues to explore, and with a little local research you can find something that is just perfect for you. And remember the children. Many kids these days are not getting the cardiovascular exercise they need. I feel fortunate to have grown up in a time before cell phones and video games gob led up everyone’s mind. When I got home from school it was two hours of solid play time outdoors with the kids in the neighborhood, then dinner, then a half hour of homework and a half hour of TV, then personal reading and off to bed!

I am truly grateful for this foundation of health and balance, it has sustained me through a lot. Endurance is a gift of our higher self, maintained through practice and discipline. We all admire the player who deftly catches the ball and scores a winning touchdown, or the Olympic diver who aces a perfect 10 in the high dive competition. We all have the capacity within ourselves to develop a way of being in the world that creates a win-win for all. One of the 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age is, ”Remember, the other person is you.”

May the blessings of higher destiny come forward to greet you on your path, and may you take the hand of good fortune as your dearest friend to guide you safely homeward.

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