Numerology for April 2023: Focus Yourself

Numerology for April 2023: Focus Yourself

The month of April 2023 is a time to tune-up and reconfigure the structure and flow of our lives. Life can be messy, and it’s time to clean it up! It is important now to realistically assess how much you are capable of in a day or week, and then weed out any unnecessary burdens or obligations. Separating the wheat from the chaff is essential to our lives becoming more fluid and functional.

Effectiveness and focusing your energy where it counts is a high priority at this time. Number 4 is the Heart chakra, and a good way to check in with yourself is by asking the question, “Is my heart really into this anymore?” This newfound clarity will allow you to aerate the soil of your life so that which is vibrant and healthy may flourish. Now is the time, as the month of May brings bold new opportunities, and you’ll want to have a dedicated space for these new energies to blossom forth.

Number 4 represents the Neutral Mind, and the ability to sift through information in a neutral and balanced manner. Non-reactivity is a virtue of the Neutral Mind, however, this ability will be challenged throughout the month. When number 4 goes negative it is judgmental, and when it goes super-negative, it can be condemning.

One of the ways this will be playing out is in our spoken words and written communication. Our words have great power now, as number 4 represents what we say, as well as the impact it has. “Think before you speak,” is an apt motto, as there is an increased sensitivity in how people will be hearing and processing information.

Let’s look into some solutions to this, thereby keeping us on the sunny side of the street in all we do and say. One answer is in the realm of the number 7, which is the overall number for 2023. In the positive polarity, number 7 is the “Wise Owl” archetype. It represents the wise and lofty owl sitting on the high branch of the tree, coolly gazing at the terrain before it makes its move. He measures all the parameters, while not giving any visual clues in the process. No one ever really knows what the Wise Owl is thinking, as its serene neutral appearance gives nothing away.

You can use this analogy as a “mental totem,” even envisioning a Wise Owl on your shoulder, guiding you through a confrontation. You can help neutralize a situation by saying something like, “Yes, you’ve really got a point there, and I’m sure we’ll be able to sort this out in a way that puts both sides at ease.”

Using your own words in a soothing tone can go a long way to de-escalate a potentially volatile encounter. We only have to look as far as the news headlines to see the dramatic effects of people not being able to slow down enough to really hear each other out.

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Another somewhat odd dynamic of this month is that many people will be releasing the past trauma of the “I got cheated out of what was mine!” script. There is an aching resentment connected to this, and it will have great repercussions throughout the world. We need to look no further than the Heart number, which is a 9 (Heart is month of 4 + Gift of 5 = 9), for insight.

Number 9 is the most sensitive and intense number. In the positive polarity it is cool, calm, and sophisticated. However, when it goes negative it can be ruthlessly fierce. It has a great resonance with all that is sentimental, either good or bad. This “conjuring of ghosts of the past” is something you will want to tread lightly around when witnessing it in the world. It does not help anyone for you to get caught up in someone else’s emotional barbed wire. There will be a heavy tendency for people to want to blame others and take them down with them. Remember, you can always pray from a distance.

Our power of prayer is an essential part of alleviating this, as number 4 is “Cup of Prayer” in the yogic science. Of course, keeping our own energy field clear is our best vantage point, so let’s take a look at how to manifest and maintain this.

I have a real jewel of a meditation to share with you, and that is the “Meditation for Clearing the Heart Center.” This practice will cleanse trauma from the heart, as well as help clear the lymphatic system. When the lymphatic system is overloaded it creates the feeling of resentment. This negative emotion kills our creativity and disconnects us from our heart’s joy and effectiveness. Practice this video meditation with the teacher for the next 40 days, and watch your life miraculously change before your eyes.

We need our health and vitality these days, so grab some ginger root next time you’re in the vegetable aisle. You can brew it up fresh at home by slicing about 3 inches or so into a couple of cups of water, and boil for about 20 minutes. Ginger tea holds a host of healing properties and is wonderful with milk and honey.

The Bach Flower Essences have lovely gentle healing properties. Two essences that can be especially helpful now are Aspen and Cherry Plum. Aspen is said to help you feel more secure, by reducing vague and unknown fears that have no reasonable explanation. Cherry Plum is said to promote mental calm and ease, and help one to steer clear of self-abusive behavior.

We are all looking and longing for a way to feel more stable and secure in today’s chaotic world. The “truth’ in many situations is an elusive game of smoke and mirrors that is guided by a puppeteering hand that does not always seem to have our best interests at heart. Having said that, we must still find a way to maintain our higher ground and feel hopeful for the future.


Surrounding yourself visually in your home with pictures, plants, artwork, music, and natural fragrances is all a part of creating comfort and joy. The number 7 represents sanctuary, and our ability to create a space that is safe and nurturing to our soul. In your own home, you can create a comfort zone where you feel fortified and rested. It may be as simple as a comfy easy chair with a view of your favorite pictures and plants, along with a music source that helps to soothe your mind. In this sacred space you can affirm, “All is well in my world, I am safe and sustained by the good graces of the gentle Angelic realms. I dwell in peace.” Something as simple as this can be a taproot of strength and spiritual nourishment. And parents, teach your children how to nurture their own safe space of security and rejuvenation.

As a family, wouldn’t it be a bright idea to have a weekly prayer circle that includes the affirmation, “The kindness of the Heavens watches over us and protects us in work, school, and play. We are always guided towards the safe and secure path.” Children who have a foundation of faith are less vulnerable to the shiny lures of the debilitating forces prevalent in today’s world.

Go easy this month, and create for yourself a gait and rhythm that honors your needs and well-being. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Rome is burning anyway, so don’t get ahead of yourself.

In the words of the Asian sage Confucius, “Never give a sword to a man who can’t dance.”

Goodness, what does this mean? To me, it means, being conscious of who you give or share your power with, as a heartless soul is a dangerous thing.

Be well, be blessed, and let your good heart hold forth. May your illuminating presence shine so brightly, that all may find their way.

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