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e-book Akara Numerology by Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa

e-book Akara Numerology by Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa

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Akara: Meaning the Circle of Light, Circle of Infinity, that which contains everything.

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Akara Numerology is a technology with which we can better understand ourselves and the experience of our life. Through simple calculations we can determine what our inherent strengths and challenges are, and how to create a balance in life which will assure the best possible success.

This book has been designed to give you an understanding of the Akara Numerology system in a simple and concise format. First you begin with the basic formula, and then step-by-step learn its applications in self-awareness, communication, and the spiritual development of your life.

The chapter on Time Cycles allows you to see what trends, issues, and opportunities will be available to you within a season of time. This knowledge enables you to move appropriately within that season, and gain the most from it.
The chapter on Transformer Numbers gives you strategies for creating real change, and how to turn problems into solutions. It will also help you understand how to motivate another person and give them options for dealing with their life's challenges.

The chapters of this book are designed to give you step-by-step instructions in the many facets of this system. Through practice and review, you will understand the correct interpretation of the numbers. This understanding will support your knowledge of the calculations and how to apply them. It is important to know that your personal expertise will develop through the study of your numerology, as well as the numerology of friends and family.

Numerology is the language of numbers. When you have an understanding of this language you open up a realm of possibilities for knowing how to achieve your life's fulfillment.

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