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How to Become a Conscious Leader

How to Become a Conscious Leader

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How to Become a Conscious Business Leader

Do you have a strong desire to make a profound contribution to the world?


You don't know where to begin, you feel lost or blocked and not able to step into your full potential?

Through this book, you will learn 5 vital lessons from a Yogi to be back in your center, to not to worry for anything, to know that there is always a solution for any situation. Sat Kirtan guides you through The 5Cs of Consciousness™, that will kick-start within you the process to become a Conscious Leader.

Becoming more conscious of your needs and desires is your starting point. Having that clear vision allows you to make a strong commitment. That commitment builds your character, which gives you the courage to live up to your full potential, your caliber.

As a truthful conscious leader, you give people trust, security, inspiration and appreciation. In turn, they feel secure within themselves, appreciate themselves, are more loyal and feel more empowered. Together, you will make a positive impact.

In the end, it will lead to the understanding we’re all HUMAN beings, which will make our lives happy.

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