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Introduction workshop Akara Numerology by Nam Hari on the 26th of November 2023

Introduction workshop Akara Numerology by Nam Hari on the 26th of November 2023

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Unique opportunity to learn and experience the science of Akara Numerology by Nam Hari, who is the master of this numerology science. 

During the workshop you´ll get a glimpse of the rich field that opens up as you begin to understand the language of numbers and connecting the dots. 

You can't only use it as a tool to understand the energy of the time, but also as a tool to understand yourself and those around you. 

This workshop is an introduction workshop, for those who are interested in becoming a Akara Numerology Consultant.

Nam Hari will explain during this one hour session:

- what is Akara Numerology?

- what is the source of it?

- how does it relate to Karam Kriya?

- how can you apply it in your personal life?

She will also do a few mini readings, to give you an experience of how you can use this tool in your 1-1 coaching. 

And probably more, so make sure you're there or register so you can watch the replay. 

Nam Hari will also share what you can expect when you join the 11 week online course that she developed together with Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa from the Netherlands.

This training will start on the 17th of November of 2023.

In this intense course you´ll learn all the basics and build the confidence and tools to use this powerful tool in your counseliing sessions.  Nam Hari will teach 11 theory classes, and Sat Kirtan will offer another 11 classes, with practical information, meditations and yoga sets that you can do to strengthen the specific numbers. This will leave you with a medium tool box filled with tools, so you have the confidence and the knowledge to really help others and be a positive change in their lives. 

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