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Relax & Renew Ayurveda Retreat in Sri Lanka

Relax & Renew Ayurveda Retreat in Sri Lanka

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No flashy sales page with all kinds of bonuses to win you over, just a fair price and a fantastic offer.

Come with me to Sri Lanka from April 29 to May 13 and do a 10 day Ayurvedic cure in a beachfront yoga hotel.

If you want to stay longer or come earlier, that is possible for an additional price.

Please contact me about that.

For your stay in Sri Lanka from April 30 to May 13 you pay 999 eur all-inclusive for a double room and 1250 eur if you want your own room (excluding the flight and visa and possible personal expenses).

The yoga hotel at the beach has 10 2-person rooms, the first ones are already taken. So feel a yes, send me a message soon.

Before we go to the yoga hotel, we will first spend 3 nights in Ella. Here you can enjoy the beautiful views, climb Ella Rock at sunrise accompanied by a local guide and enjoy the mega zipline, the Flying Ravana MEGA Zipline.

On May 3, we leave for Payagala, on the coast, to the yoga ayurveda hotel, where we will stay for 10 days and be fully taken care of by the local Ayurvedic team.

Just imagine, you wake up, do ishnaan in the ocean, then you can join a wonderful group sadhana, because it's nice that other kundalini yogis have already signed up....

After the sadhana, which is optional, you rest for a while before going to breakfast, which is tailored to your personal treatment plan.

Then your treatment begins, you get a full body massage with oil, again tailored to your body.

That massage is in preparation for the ayurvedic treatment, which is prepared by traditional and super experienced ayurvedic doctors, all recommended by the doctor who treated me so incredibly well during my stay in 2022.

I came back truly reborn.

After your treatment, you can rest on one of the sun beds by the pool, listening to the local sounds and the ocean.

You have the afternoon free to wander around, visit a temple or town, or enjoy reading a book.

Then, after watching the sun sink into the sea, it's time for dinner and evening meditation.

You can join us. 

Just book your flight (most participants have booked through Air India) and arrange your visum (very easy online) , your double or single room below and you're set ;-) 

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