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Conscious Leadership Program (program by Sat Kirtan)

Conscious Leadership Program (program by Sat Kirtan)

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Unlock Your Leadership Potential with Akara Numerology: Conscious Leadership Program

Welcome visionary leaders, HR managers, and CEOs to a transformative journey towards conscious leadership with our exclusive Conscious Leadership Program. Led by Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa, renowned author and conscious leadership expert, this immersive 6-month program integrates Akara Numerology and yoga practices to empower you to become a conscious leader who inspires greatness, fosters collaboration, and drives exceptional results.

Unleash the full potential of your human capital and create a workplace where every individual's soul's purpose is realized, innate mastery is cultivated, and unique gifts are celebrated. Join our Conscious Leadership Program today and take the first step towards becoming a transformative leader who makes a lasting impact.

Investment Options:

1. Full Payment with Exclusive Bonuses: Secure your spot with a one-time payment of € 8,888 and gain access to exclusive bonuses, including a signed copy of Sat Kirtan's book "How to Become a Conscious Leader" and personalized consultations with Nam Hari.

2. Monthly Instalments: Enjoy the flexibility of monthly instalments of € 1,500 over 6 months while still accessing all the bonuses and the transformative Conscious Leadership Program.

Join now and unlock the potential of your leadership with the power of Akara Numerology and conscious leadership principles. Invest in your future and create a workplace that thrives with purpose, compassion, and excellence.
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